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Sony Reduce Price Of US Blu-Ray Player

Wed, 06 Jun 2007

Electronic giant Sony has cut the price of its cheapest Blu-ray DVD player by $100 to $499 (£251) in the US .

The reduction in price now means that the BDP-S300 player costs less than the US PlayStation 3 gaming console, a factor some believe might trigger the long-awaited UK launch of the BDP-S300 player.

The only way to get hold of the device is by forking out £400 for a PlayStation 3 (which has the Blu-ray device built inside) or by spending even more money on the more top-end models currently only offered by Samsung and Sony in the UK .

Samsung’s BP-P1000 Blu-ray model costs around £450-£550 online, while Toshiba’s HD DVD players, the rival to the Blu-ray format, can be bought for around half the price ( around £250 online), making the need for Sony to release their lowest-priced Blu-ray player even greater.

But to date Sony has been cautious over the release of its Blu-ray players in Europe . Many believe this is due to the blue-laser diode supplies being limited at early production stages and most of them being placed in PS3s bound for Japan and the US. Another factor could be Sony’s delayed launch of the PS3 in Europe .

Sony has always stated it would launch a BD player in the UK by the end of the year, although nothing has been announced to indicate that it has a set date in mind.

The BDp-S300 outputs HD video signals at 1080p quality and also features support for the AVCHD HD format in new camcorders, CD playback and Bravia Theatre Sync for controlling entire Sony AV setups via HDMI.

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