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LG Introduces Worlds First Dual-Format DVD Player

Wed, 18 Apr 2007

LG has announced the launch of the world’s first DVD player compatible with two rival disc formats.

Named the Super Multi Blue, the device is dual-format playing both Blu-ray and HD DVDs, and is set for launch in the UK next month.

However LG’s next generation player, also known as the BH100, will come with a price tag of £1,000, £350 more expensive than buying both Toshiba's entry-level HD DVD player and Sony’s PS3 games console.

It will blend the latest entertainment technologies to ease customer confusion over the next generation DVD formats, according to LG .

Daniel Aziz, marketing manager at manufacturer LG Electronics, said the launch would end confusion over the two rival DVD formats.

He said, "Everyone agrees that Blu-ray and HD DVD will revolutionise home entertainment and that consumer demand for high definition content is higher than ever before."

"However, there has been much uncertainty and confusion around which format consumers should invest in because of the ongoing format dispute. The launch of the Super Multi Blue will remove this difficult choice."

Tom Bailey, commissioning editor of gadget magazine T3, said the launch was good news for consumers.

He commented, "It is a no-brainer - given that there is no clear winner in the format war it is too risky to choose one at the moment, so why not get a machine that plays both?"

The player will be available in a number of retailers including John Lewis stores from May onwards.

Earlier in the month electronic rivals Samsung announced that it would be following LG and by also releasing a Duo HD player capable of Blu-ray disk and HD DVD playback this summer.

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