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The House of Tomorrow [PAL]

Title: The House of Tomorrow [PAL]
Category: Classical Music
Release Date: 19 March 2012

Review: Palestine and Israel. Conflicting narratives and a world of preconceptions. Can we see this world differently?The House of Tomorrow takes a new approach to an old conflict inspired by the forward vision of extraordinary women who are changing their own worlds a step at a time - not by overlooking the conflict but by seeing what people can do despite it.Shot on location, the film takes us from the high rise tech buildings of Tel Aviv to the holy sites and bustling markets of Jerusalem, from the cobbled lanes of Bethlehem to the expanding streets of Ramallah, capturing the energy and tension of a world defined by it's clashing viewpoints.A contemporary and lively documentary, The House of Tomorrow chooses to focus on the future and to encourage the idea that people can have a hand in their own destinies, however unlikely and whatever the odds.Palestinian Hanan Kattan and Israeli Liat Aaronson used the renowned TED conference format to bring together outstanding female speakers from both Israel and Palestine to share their inspirations and unique ideas and this film challenges viewers to explore a future of hope and potential for the Middle East in way we have rarely seen before.

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