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Lucky Number Slevin [2006]

Title: Lucky Number Slevin [2006]
Category: Drama
Release Date: 10 July 2006

Review: Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman co-star in this drama about mobsters and the unwitting victim (Josh Hartnett) who winds up in the middle of a murder scheme. This film originally screened at Sundance.

Retailer Total Price Visit shop
Music Magpie£2.39Visit Shop
Gameseek£2.91Visit Shop
Base.com£2.99Visit Shop
365games£3.49Visit Shop
Amazon UK£5.15Visit Shop
Hive£5.45Visit Shop
Amazon UK Marketplace New£5.47Visit Shop
SpeedyHen£6.50Visit Shop
HMV£7.99Visit Shop
TakeTimeout£7.99Visit Shop

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